Online Flying Laser Marking Machine

SISMAR marking lasers are available with the option to mark moving workpieces, or with “Marking on-the-Fly.” This type of marking is often used in continuous manufacturing processes where efficiency is of crucial importance and any down time would be impede productivity and hurt the businesses bottom line.

Online flying laser marking machine introduction

Online flying laser marking machine is suitable for food packaging, medicine packaging, cigarette code, wine industry, mineral water, daily cosmetics, cable wires and various production line marking. Customized marking conveyor belt, can achieve rapid marking and highly efficient.



  • Suitable for mass production line marking;
  • Optional high-quality conveyor belt;
  • Online flying marking software;
  • Work plate can be adjusted up and down;
  • 24 hours continuous processing;
  • High efficiency elector-optical conversion;
  • Ten years of life time, cost savings, increase interest;
  • Simple operation;
  • Supports 2D encoding, support any computer operating system and various languages.



Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser Power


Laser Source Brand



EZCAD(English/Korean/Spanish/Russia/Japanese version)

Marking area


Marking speed


Working voltage


Cooling way

Air cooling


3 Years (includes parts & laser power)

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Printing Machine Advantages:
Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, the laser printer is low material consumption, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, stable performance, long lifetime, low maintenance cost.The machine is available in flying marking in the production line for big quantity the same products.

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Printing Machine Application:
The machine can be widely used in food and beverage,pharmaceutable, tobacco, leather, package, building materials, lighting, accessories, cosmetics, electronics,kitchen&bathroom hardware, shells of cell phone and watches, medical apparatus and instruments, tubular product, cable, plastic, cable and other industries.

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