A Guide to Laser Marking/Cutting EZCAD2 wobble Settings

in EZcad, on the right side, below the machine parameters settings, is a button labeled “advanced”– click on that, and the ‘advanced mark params’ menu will open. In there you should find “wobble”. Among other things, ‘wobble’ is designed to add thickness to single lines. You should see “diameter” and “distance” settings, and a check-box next to ‘wobble’…
What wobble does is engrave a spiral. The diameter you set will be the diameter of the spiral, which will be the actual ‘stroke width’. The distance setting is how far it moves from one spiral to the next, so it’s essentially the same as a hatch fill distance.

So, if you want a .3mm stoke width, and you would normally set a hatch fill space at .04mm, then simply put .3mm as the diamter and .05 as the distance– then be sure to mark the ‘wobble’ check box.
NOTE, the wobble is color-coordinated and will wobble EVERYTHING, including hatch fills, so be sure to choose your colors to wobble or not wobble.

Wobble is a very good option and you will need for 3 reasons:
1) make letters line bigger because laser beam is 0,001mm , so if you need more bold text or all you want.
2)you need for cutting, 1mm of size is ok, laser beam is too little for cutting, will weld again in the second pass, so wider line will leave exit sublimate material without problems.