Laser engraving promotional items

for ink pens, USB sticks, Zippos®, key chains and much more

Anyone who deals in promotional items knows that low costs are de rigueur nowadays. Low volume production at affordable prices is in greater demand than ever.

At the same time, the promotional items on offer are expected to be of ever higher quality. For this reason, the application of an appealing logo is often the decisive criteria, if one is to be a successful player in the market.

Laser engraving can help you produce unique, high-quality promotional products that make a lasting impression with your customers.

A SISMAR laser system provides you with broad system capabilities that allow you to design advertising gifts that are individual and useful at the same time. Whether you are working with key chains, glasses, ball pens, USB sticks, or Zippo® lighters – with laser engraving you can easily personalize promotional items.

Advanced Laser Solution From SISMAR LASER

Laser Engraving Pen With Rotation Table

Laser Engraving Pen With Conveyor Belt

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