3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine ​

3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine can easily finish wedding invitations, birthday cards, christmas cards hollowing and cutting process without black cutting edge.

1. 3 axis dynamic system, large marking range, more precise light spot diameter.

2. Long and stable working time.

3. Faster processing speed, sharper and smooth cutting edge.

4. Even processing effects, there is no defocus phenomenon

5. Smaller focus spot,higher power density which can make engraving, cutting, punching more precision.

6. Adopted advanced cooling system

7. With Surepulse’s function, the peak power can up to 6 times,the power output by every pulse can keep constant

8. With optic corrective system, beam quality is excellent,K>0.8(M2<1.2),beam divergent angle <2.5mrad (when transmission distance within 1-10 meters),beam ovality <1.1:1



Laser Wavelength


Laser power


Max Marking size


Marking speed


Repetition precision


Laser Frequency


Min.Letter size


Power consumption


Laser source

Chinese laser tube,Coherent laser tube

File formats


Output compatibility

AutoCAD,Photoshop,CorelDraw etc

Power supply


Cooling way

Water cooling

3D dynamic co2 laser marking machine can work on all non-metal materials,such as wood, leather, shoes, marble, plastic processing, including carving, drilling, cutting etc. It wildly used in industries of wedding invitations,birthday cards,christmas cards, arts&crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertising decoration, clothing, plate making for printing on leather, decoration and architectural model.