Rotary device don’t rotae,in general,it has following reason

1.Parameter set problem

The marking content direction is not suitable used on rotate marking.

The marking content direction should be same with Axis direction

2.Opearation fault.

Text marking use “RotaryTextMark”

Graphic and JPG,BMP format file mark use”RotaryMark”

3.Marking text order wrong

For example,you want to mark 14KD M06-18-18,but marking order is wrong,see photo.


Pls kindly choose Invert,if it has not been chosen,pls kindly choose,or not.

4.How to mark half of ring

Ring diamter*3.14,it is ring circumference,

half of ring,it is Ring Diameter*3.14/2

When it is overlapping,you also can calculate the circumference to check.

5.How to set “go to start postion after finish”.

6.The character space of Marked text is too large,hope it can smaller / The charater space of Marked text is too small,hope it can bigger


Solution 1:Adjust higher the object diameter amount / Adjust smaller the object diameter amount

You may adjust “Part Diameter”, the bigger of number, the smaller of word space on your product. 

Solution 2:Adjust text/font space and distance as following parameter


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