Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for metal and Non-metal

This mixed Co2 steel sheet cutter can be used to cut Metal Materials, such as: stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel.
And can be used for Non-Metal Materials cutting and Engrave, for example: acrylic, MDF, wood, plywood, plastic, PVC, board, double color board, rubber.

Machine feature of co2 laser cutting machine for metal and non-metal

ü   Laser Tube: Laser power Reci W6 Original Reci Brand; CO2 laser tube with longer life and higher laser power; Type: Water circle cooling system;

ü   Optics:Singapre wavelength Lens; perfect engraving and cutting effects; lens with different focal lengths may be used depending on the application;

ü   Linear rail & linear stocks:Imported Linear rail and stocks imported from Taiwan HIWIN brand works with high durability, stability and precision.

ü   Advanced DSP control system: Offline control system, more convenient.RD control system software

ü   Air pump: The air pump blows air to cool down the material surface.

ü   Water chiller cooling system: Good cooling effect on your cutting work.

ü   Metal Slat work table: well used on cutting work.

ü   Exhaust fan and wind tube gassing system: It absorbs away the engraving or cutting dusts and smoke. It is absolutely recommended to protect the optical parts and your employees.

ü   The tool box and file bag:The tool box include all the tools to adjust machine and laser.The file box include the introduction book, Installing and operating video CD,U disk ,Dongle etc.




Engraving Area


Machine Dimensions





Laser Type

Sealed CO2 Laser Tube

Laser Power

DLT280W Yongli


Driving System


Cooling Mode

Recirculating Water-cooling and protection system

Operating  Temperature

0 – 45ºC







Blade worktable

Water Pump

Basic water pump

Exhaust fan

Basic Exhaust Fan



1 year limited warranty (excludes shipping/consumable items)

  • 280W CO2 laser cuts multiple materials: wood/acrylic/steel
  • Most cost effective laser capable of cutting 1.2mm carbon/stainless steel (steel only, consider fiber lasers for other metals)
  • Capacitive Auto-height adjusting cutting head
  • Programmable cutting assist gas solenoid
  • CO2 laser offers economy option over fiber laser
  • Lowest cost steel cutting capabilities

Applicable Materials:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, acrylic, plywood, MDF and other materials

Application Industries:

Advertising industry (stainless steel and acrylic), sheet metal industry (carbon steel), packaging industry (plywood), arts and crafts, awards and trophies, paper-cutting, architectural models, lights and lamps, electronic appliances, photo frame and album, garment leather and other industries

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