What’s the difference between pulse laser cleaning machine and continuous laser cleaning machine?

There are pulse laser descaling machines and continuous laser descaling machines on the market. The power and price of the two models have big difference. So how to choose the right laser cleaning machine? Today we will list the differences between the two machines in detail,help you know how to choose it.

1. The working principle is different

Pulsed laser cleaners use pulsed lasers.
The working principle is to use high-frequency and high-energy pulsed laser to achieve the peeling off of the rust layer and the substrate.

Continuous laser cleaning machines use continuous lasers.
The working principle is to achieve surface ablation through the high temperature of the laser.

Let’s talk about the difference between a continuous laser cleaning machine and a pulse laser cleaning machine through an example。
The continuous laser cleaning machine is like we hold a nail on the wall and keep pressing it with our fingers. This force does not stop, it keeps pressing, this is called continuous type.
A pulsed laser cleaner is where you put the nail in there and hammer it a few times with a hammer.
The difference between these two is that when you use the same energy, you keep pressing continuously, but there is not much energy
The pulse is to accumulate energy to a certain extent, and hammer once at a time to form an instant burst of energy. push all the energy in.

2.Because the working principle is different, so they have different applications
The pulse type laser cleaning machine is suitable for industries that require more fine cleaning products. These industries have high requirements for surface clarity, such as rubber molds, 3C industries, Seiko molds, stainless steel and aluminum thin parts;
Continuous laser cleaning can remove rust, paint, oil, impurities, oxide layer, and weld seam cleaning on the surface of objects; it is mainly used in some large steel structures, engineering machinery and even outdoors.

3.Advantages and disadvantages
The pulse type laser cleaning machine adopts low-temperature and high-frequency oscillation to peel off the surface attachments. After cleaning, it can restore the original color of the metal without damaging the surface of the substrate; and it is small in size; the disadvantage is that compared with the continuous type, the efficiency is slower and the price is higher.
The volume of continuous laser cleaning equipment is generally large. When working, the energy is large and the cleaning efficiency is high. Traces, it is difficult to restore the original color of the metal, and it is more suitable for pre-treatment; there are requirements for surface roughness, and large-area workpieces in painting or other processes

4.How to choose pulse and continuous laser cleaning machine?
For applications with high precision, strict control of substrate temperature rise, and non-destructive substrate requirements, such as molds, pulsed lasers should be selected
For some large-scale steel structures, pipes, etc., due to the large volume and heat dissipation block, the requirements for damage to the base material are not high, you can choose a continuous laser cleaning machine