Mini Cover Fiber Laser Marking Machines

1.Sealed table,working space is sealed,protect operator eyes safety,and when adding filter machine,it is more efficiency for gold and silver dust recovery,so the extraction will work better

2.Permanently mark or etch smooth or uneven metals including firearms, tools, parts, jewelry, PVC & Acrylics

• Mini small type, in small size, no need to take much floor room, also can save air money for buyers. fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine

• Main feature , is with cover, to protect people , on all the machine. very safe ,and human. can protect workers from the laser. Popular among market. but lower price.

Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser Power


Laser Source Brand



EZCAD(English/Korean/Spanish/Russia/Japanese version)

Marking area


Marking speed


Working voltage


Cooling way

Air cooling


3 Years (includes parts & laser power)

-This fiber laser marking and engraving machine is completely sealed, developed especially for foreign customers
-Safe doors in the internal design to give workers maximum safety protection
-The cabinet is sealed but has an excellent cooling system, so it is safe to use in any environment

Laser markers are used in a variety of industries, such as printing 2D codes on automotive parts, logos on electronic components /electrical devices, lot numbers, and many more applications.

>>Applicate materials

  • Many type of metals: Gold,Silver,Stainless Steel,Copper,Aluminum,chrome Brass,etc
  • Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum
  • Some non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment:silicon wafer, Poly urethane, ceramics, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, PVC, PC, ABS, Coating film etc.

>>Applicate Industry

  • Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component
  • Mobile (Cover, battery, keyboard, IPhone Case)
  • Jewellery(Ring, pedeant, bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft
  • Building materials,PVC pipe