Pedestal Laser welding Machine

laser spot welding machines are used for perforation and spot welding of sand hole for gold and silver jewelleries

laser spot welding machines are used for perforation and spot welding of sand hole for gold and silver jewelleries. Laser spot welding is an important application of laser materials processing technology. Spot welding is thermal conduction, namely, the laser radiates the surface of the part, and the heat on the surface expands inside through heat conduction. By controlling parameters such as laser pulse width, energy, peak value and repeating frequency, the part will melt, and thus forming specific molten pools. Due to its unique benefit, the product has been successfully applied to gold and silver jewelleries processing, and welding of small-sized parts.

System Platform                Pedestal

Welding Chamber Safety Certification      Class 1

iWeld Lasing System                  Class 4

Wavelength                  1,064nm

Power Supply                  220V±10%,50Hz/60HZ

Laser Source                                   ND:YAG

Pulse Width                  0.1-10ms

Average Power                  200 Watts

Pulse Length                  0,1 – 50 Milliseconds

Pulse Frequency                                       ≤50Hz

Burst / Speed Welding                 Optimized to Energy Values

Beam Diameter1                        0,05mm – 2,00mm

Cooling System                  Internal Water-To-Air

Supply Circuit                                            220V±10%,50Hz/60HZ

Binocular Microscope                  15x (optional 25x, 40x)

Chamber Illumination System               LED Natural Lighting

Observing System                              Microscope

Parameters Memorization                        10 groups

Protection Alert                       Yes

Language Display Options3                                English

Shield Gas Supply                               One line quick connection(argon)

Cooling System                                   Water chiller

Running Environment                            Tem 5°C-30°C, Hum 5%-75%

Machine dimension                                 1160X640X1410mm

Water chiller                                      740X600X1090mm

Weight (Unpackaged)                             200kg

Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor)                   one year

Laser Safety Certification Compliance                FDA, CE

Energy, pulse width, frequency and focus can be adjusted within a wide range to achieve different welding effects.

Ceramic reflector used in the laser pump chamber is imported, which is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, high electrical/optical conversion.

World-leading automatic light shielding system is employed to remove harmful lighting on eyes during operation.

24-hour continuous operation, with stable operating performance, and free of maintenance within 10000 hours.

Personalized design in compliance with ergonomics principles.

>>Applicate materials
Suitable for many kinds mould steel material such as SKD-11,8407,718,738,NAK80,S136,W302,P20,2344,H13,A2,also copper,aluminum,stainless steel,jewelry, gold,silver etc metal materials

>>Applicate Industry
This device not only serves as the special packaging equipment of battery production, but also can be used in the welding of metal materials, such as relay, sensor and various electronic components, etc.

>>The shape of welding
point, circle, arc and square, etc.