3D Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine For Crystal & Glass

When it comes to lasers, we easily associate them with machining. However, in addition to its application in the industrial field, laser technology is also widely used in the production of craft products.

Laser engraving processing relies on CNC technology and uses laser as the processing medium. Under the irradiation of laser engraving, the material instantly undergoes physical changes such as melting and vaporization, thereby achieving the purpose of engraving.

Laser engraving uses laser technology to engrave text or patterns on the surface of an object. The engraved text or pattern has no obvious scratches, keeping the surface of the object smooth, and the text or pattern will not be deformed due to wear.

When it comes to crafts made with lasers, the most common example is crystal engraving. The surface of the crystal is smooth and hard, seemingly without any gaps. How the interior pattern is created remains a mystery to those who don’t understand the craftsmanship behind it.
In fact, most of the handicrafts we usually see are not real crystals, but artificial crystals. The “laser” is the best tool for “internal engraving” of artificial K9 crystal (also known as “crystal glass”). Laser internal engraving technology uses laser to “engrav” flat or three-dimensional patterns on the inside of crystal glass.

The production process of crystal laser internal engraving is completed by a computer-controlled laser internal engraving machine. The laser marking machine will penetrate the laser of a specific wavelength into the crystal or crystal glass, causing tiny bursts in specific areas inside to outline the preset pattern.

In short, the crystal laser internal engraving machine uses the appropriate wavelength of the green laser to pass through the crystal material and act on its interior, and then uses automatic drawing software to achieve production. The reason is not complicated. Do you understand it now?