Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Open table does not limit material size like small enclosed units

Permanently mark or etch smooth or uneven metals including firearms, tools, parts, jewelry, PVC & Acrylics

Product Features
1.Overall modular design: compact, light, easy to carry freely;
2.Wide application: handle both metal and non-metal materials;
3.Stand out performance: consistent marking quality with high speed(up to 7000mm/s); 2-3 times higher than traditional marking;
4.Long Lifetime: advanced laser generator, more than 100,000h;
5.Low consumption: Electro-optic conversion rate up to 30%, power consumption lowered by 3-10 times compared with YAG laser; environment-friendly and energy-saving;

 Laser typeFiber laser
Laser Power20W/30W/50W/100W
Marking area100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300
Marking speed7000mm/s
Working voltage110/220V/50-60Hz
Cooling wayAir cooling
Warranty3Years (includes parts & laser power)

Product Advantage

Perfect Marking Performance

Can mark precise design on tiny surface
Known as the “King of Marking”

High Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency

Little energy coupling loss, cost saving, long service life, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours

Fast Marking Speed and High Efficiency

The increased processing volume in same time speeds up the investment return for customers.

Integrated Structure

Small and compact size, less occupied area, easy transportation

Marking Content

• English letters, characters
• Graphics/Special symbols/Logos
• Time & Date
• All Numbers
• Barcode/2D codes/Qr code etc.

Applicable Materials

 Various metal material such as stainless steel, titanium, brass etc.
• Plastic materials such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS etc.
• Rubber
• Coating metal
• Epoxy resin
• Electroplating materials

Applicable Industries

The fiber laser is designed to provide highly efficient marking and engraving for a wide-range of industries.
Here are a few examples:

• Automotive parts
• Telecom apparatus
• Electronic parts
• Plastic key buttons
• Integrated circuits (IC)
• Jewelry
• Instruments
• Sanitary ware