Visual Localization Laser Marking Machine

Visual Position Laser Marking machine also called CCD laser marking machine and CCD Visual Position Laser Marking Machine.

CCD laser marking machine is actionable to locate the printing position and angle of the targeted parts and achieve the precise marking without the position fixture, and the marking accuracy can be controlled among 0.01mm.

CCD laser marking machine is suitable the use of marking irregular, different and small sizes parts and parts that need lots of location fixtures at high costs.

CCD visual Position Laser Marking Machine Photo

During the marking process, the processed parts must be in a fixed position and must not be shaken during the process.
The processed patterns can be processed to the designated position of the product. These are our common knowledge of the processing technology of traditional laser marking machines.

In the process of product marking, traditional laser marking machines need to customize simple or complex jigs for positioning, and will encounter the following problems.

When the traditional laser marking machine needs to realize automatic production, it has high requirements on mechanical accuracy. Making a complex automation supporting line can only be applied to one or a few products. For new products, it is necessary to make new production lines, which is not only long-term but also very unfavorable to the cost management of the factory.

The core function of the CCD visual positioning laser marking machine is the CCD visual positioning function. This function can automatically identify product features for laser marking to achieve fast positioning, and even small objects can be marked with high precision, without the need to use fixtures, reducing With manual participation, work efficiency is improved.


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